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What We Believe, And Why It Works

Hey guys!

We are sure many of you have tried numerous ways to achieve your desired fitness/weight loss goals with some successes and some failures. Since we are new(as an official corporation at least :), we decided to establish some key principles of what Gr8Physiques is all about:

– Science Based Recommendations: You should not hear from our mouths things that are not actually recognized as scientifically studied facts or conclusions. However, if you do we should absolutely caveat that with “In our opinion”.  Now, if you understand science then you probably understand that the more you know, the less you know. So when I say “facts or conclusions” keep in mind that changes regularly with every new study and we do our best to stay on top of emerging trends and cutting edge research!

– Maintaining Balance: As a person with a goal for weight loss, gaining muscle or stepping on stage, it is so important to keep balance in your life. We know because at some point in our competitive history we became unbalanced and realized the unhealthiness of it all. You should not live show to show, binge eating and drinking in between. The competitive stage is a great, fun motivational experience to help you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals but it should net be the end all be all. Think about what your true goals are and how competing fits into that. We have a toddler, a love for margaritas and craft beers and delectable pastries. MMMMMM. If you think that we never partake in any of the “normal” things that other Americans enjoy than you are sadly mistaken. We just try to do it in moderation. In our experience, extremes in either direction are not usually ideal.

– Learn to Fish: One of our goals for every client/competitor is to not always rely on us for everything the rest of their lives. Unlike a Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, where you rely on their “point system” without learning what foods are and how they work in your body, we desire to educate you on how to be healthier in your day to day. If you cannot pick out good and bad foods without us holding your hand than you really have not progressed as much as you could have. Also, we recognize that most people have many obligations from doing laundry, coaching soccer practice to cooking dinner and everything in between. Two hours in the gym is just not going to happen, and we can help you learn to work around it. Where there is a will, there is a way! Your health should be a priority because you want to be at as many of those soccer practices as you can!

Hopefully you guys found this helpful. (I also wanted to test out the new blogging capability 🙂

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